Sharing God's Love in Our Congregational Community

There are many ways to serve at St. Stephen, and many hands that make our work possible! Whether you like to cook, bake, make phone calls, write notes, paint, sing, or just visit, we believe that you are GIFTED by God and called to share your gifts in service toward God, and love toward neighbor.

Whether or not you're an official member, St. Stephen welcomes your participation in all of our worship, service, and learning ministries. Pastor Matthew would be happy to connect you with the leader of any ministry, you just need to let him know. 

If you're interested in assisting with our worship ministry, here are the names and emails for some of our leaders: 

Acolytes (Help light candles during worship, assist the pastor, and help with offering).

Lectors: Kevin Stafford (our Office Manager)

Cantors (Lead the congregation in the kyrie and psalm): Abby Best

Communion Assistants (Help distribute the bread and wine/juice): Kevin Stafford (our Office Manager)

Ushers: Greg John

Greeters: Kevin Stafford (our Office Manager)

Altar Guild (Prepares the communion elements each week): Maxine


Eucharistic Ministers: