El Salvador Task Force

    The El Salvador Task Force is open to anyone in the community at large who feels called to serv with us in this mission to El Salvador.  Support comes from translators, technical advisors, and those in other area churches working in a common cause to be in accompaniment in Salvadoran ministries.

    Current Task Force members are Tony Bianchi, Harold Bower, Jeanette Fogarty, Tara Lacy, Tricia Lacy, Danilo Gonzalez, Mandy Gonzalez, Mike Kulikauskas, Bill McCormick, Bill Rowe, Butch Rowe, the Rev. Donald Seiple, and Caroline Sheaffer.

    One of our ministries is to raise awareness about Salvadoran life by sharing  stories via a website devoted to that reality.  Below is an introduction to our current featured story.


Imagine being surrounded by a convoy of armed military ready to do their worst.  Could your creative juices get you out of the situation?

Read about a couple of people who managed to survive these situations in the February story “Ruses and Miracles” on http://www.embracingelsalvador.org


The woman in this photo is recalling her experience at the camp.


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