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     The St. Stephen Evangelism Committee is distributing bookmarks throughout the community. The bookmark contains basic information about worship services, Sunday Church School, and ongoing activities for the community.

      If you want your own copy or to make copies to distribute personally, click the bookmark below:


 • St. Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church’s mission is to be a community of faith inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim boldly the Good News of God's loving and saving presence in the world.

      • St. Stephen’s vision is to glorify God who first loves us and to bear witness to God’s Son, Jesus Christ, by . . .

     . . . Preaching, teaching and sharing God's Word and Sacrament;
     . . . Providing opportunities for repentance, forgiveness, prayer, praise, and thanksgiving;
     . . . Being sensitive to other's needs and concerns, reaching out in loving service to the congregation, the local community, and the world;   
     . . . Creating an environment that fosters fellowship, compassion, mutual acceptance, and opportunities for personal growth;
     . . . Supporting each individual in the development and use of his/her God-given talents in  service to God and the community.

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