Reopening Task Force

At the May meeting council established a Reopening Task Force to investigate the process and recommend a way to eventually open the building and institute a procedure to safely hold in-person worship.

Reopening Task Force Goal

A St. Stephen Lutheran Church congregation that is able to proclaim the Good News of God’s love through regular, safe and joyful worship services which integrate on-site and remote technologies to serve our members and the community at large. A congregation that continues to faithfully grow in discipleship and service as it continues its activities as set out in St Stephen’s mission statement and constitution, as updated by the R3 Team and emerging post-emergency needs. A congregation that can safely offer its facilities and services to our community partners (Harvest Festival, Boy Scouts, 4H, etc.), synod and others as requested to further develop and establish a better, sustainable environment in which all can operate successfully.

Resources that everyone should read:

The ELCA’s “Considerations for Returning to In-Person Worship”, dated 12 May 2020,

Erin Brombage’s “The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them, dated 6 May 2020,

Derek Thompson’s “Will We Ever be Safe Inside?” dated 22 May 2020. 

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